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Mirs of Space

Mirs (Mirrors of Space or MoS) is a satirical representation of the current Cyrpto & NFT culture and the entities who are helping to drive and shaping the space of the future.

A community driven project striving to give our holders benefits from day one, each day, and every day. Are you a Mir?

Mirrors of the Culture

The art and the project in its entirety are strongly inspired by the ever-evolving Web3 and Crypto space. The culture and norms, as we know today, are bound to change, and evolve and we are time-stamping the culture as it is now. Who knows we may look on phrases like WAGMI, MOON and LFG in 10 years and remember with fondness.

We want our art to be an accurate documentation of the space as it is now with each piece passing a unique message or depicting a unique entity. Mirs will be a historical artefact that will be invaluable and priceless with time.


Here at MoS, community is everything. The journey we take will be impacted, influenced, and based on what would benefit the community the most.

To build a long-lasting community, we intend to give educational services to beginners to help onboard them into the space. Holders will benefit weekly, monthly and for the entirety of the time they hold a Mirs.

If you have been floating in the space simply because you have no Community where you belong to, this is the place for you.

But this is just the start...

Focusing on the strength within our core team and leveraging off the founders of NWC (an exclusive whale community) and founders of Mirs we are making provision for the creation of a best-in-class investment hub. This will include professional analysts, alpha callers, collaborations with the latest HYPE NFT projects, as well as looking into provisions for the use of trading tools for our holders.